Homemade Mascarpone Cheese

I think we can all agree that mascarpone cheese is hard to find and once you do find it it is ridiculously expensive.

But, it's also ridiculously EASY to make! It is so easy (and cheap!) that you'll be slapping yourself silly wondering why the hell you've been spending a fortune on tiny tubs of the creamy cheese. This is even better for those of you who don't have any access to mascarpone.

Now all you have to worry about is... what to make with it? :)


Mascarpone Cheese-
Recipe from Baking Obsession
Makes 8 ounces
Printable Recipe

2 cups whipping cream
1 Tbsp. lemon juice

In a double boiler with a non reactive bowl, heat cream over low until it reaches 190°F, stirring frequently. This takes about 10-15 minutes. If you don't have a thermometer just wait until you see tiny bubbles surfacing. Stir in the lemon juice. Continue to cook, while stirring, until the mixture thickens. It will thickly coat a wooden spoon; you will also see clear whey streaks when you stir. Remove bowl from heat and let it cool 20 minutes.

Line a sieve with four layers of dampened cheesecloth and set it over a bowl. Transfer the mixture into the lined sieve. Do not squeeze the cheese in the cheesecloth or press on its surface, it will firm up after refrigeration time. Once cooled completely, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate (in the sieve) overnight or up to 24 hours. Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.



  1. I am slapping myself silly...what a novel plan! Wow. Thanks!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You would not believe how much money I have spent on Mascarpone over the years. I've been craving Tiramisu and I will be using this recipe to make the cheese for it. Awesome post!

  3. Seriously that's all it is!? whipping cream and lemon juice?! And to think I've been paying out the wazzooo for Mascarpone at the grocery store.. thanks!

  4. This is wonderful .... Looking forward to giving it a go.


  5. Omg! I've never used mascarpone before but I do know that it's expensive!! This is a great alternative!

  6. Oh this was from a recent (few months back)Daring baker's challenge, right?

    I saw many of them doing this.

  7. This is even better than homemade ricotta! Bookmarked!

  8. Whaaaattt?!
    I din't know you could make your own mascarpone this easily.
    This is surely life changing.
    But, just one quick question, how stable is the mixture? If I wanted it to last for about four days would it be okay?


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