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My whole life I've eaten pretty much nothing but unhealthy, pre-made packaged, canned, and frozen meals. After moving away from home, and living with my boyfriend for a couple of years I realized we were still eating the same boring junk I ate growing up, and it was taking a toll on our health! Even though I exercise regularly and try to be healthy we still managed to wind up eating gross, unhealthy junk food.
But that all changed last year when I discovered the world of food blogs. I've never seen people make such amazing looking homemade food. It definitely sparked an interest, and I almost immediately began to teach myself how to cook and bake from scratch.
Not only did home cooking allow me to reach my fitness and health goals, it has enabled my boyfriend and me to actually enjoy food again. Plus, I discovered that I absolutely LOVE food, and being in the kitchen cooking up something tasty is the single most thing I can do to feel completely happy and stress free.
Recently I started thinking ' Why not start my own blog?'. The idea was intriguing, but I felt slightly discouraged to do it because I'm a complete amateur at this. I've never written anything in my life, my pictures look awful (I'm not a photographer, and I desperately need a real camera), and I'm still very new to cooking... Almost everything I know now I've taught myself, and I continue to learn more every day. But then I thought none of that matters because this is about cooking, which is turning into a passion for me, and I just want a fun way to share that passion with others who feel the same way.


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