Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been seeing this recipe popping up all over food blogs for the past couple months. This lovely creation was first made by Jenny at Picky Palate. I fell in love with these fattening goodies as soon as I laid eyes on them. Jenny is my hero.

A very soft chocolate chip cookie surrounds an oreo that becomes soft itself with a slightly gooey cream center once baked. These cookies were awesome, they did not disappoint! That's coming from a person who doesn't really like chocolate chip cookies. I enjoyed them best right out of the oven with a tall glass of milk for dunking. YUM! :)

You can find the original recipe at Picky Palate.

Make them right away. Then watch them disappear much quicker than it took to whip them up. It is so worth it.

Helpful Hints
*I wasn't too sure on how big of a scoop to use for the cookie dough, or exactly how long to bake, so I just experimented a little. (I used a small scoop, about the same size as the oreos.)

With these cookies I used slightly mounded scoops of cookie dough, and baked for about 11 minutes. The cookie dough spread slightly more, was less browned on top, and had a slightly more gooey middle.

These cookies I used a level scoop of cookie dough, and baked for 13 minutes. The cookie held it's shape better, tops were lightly browned, the inside was still very soft, but not as gooey.

Both cookies were amazing. I didn't really have a favorite, but if I HAD to pick one over the other I'd go with the first ones.



  1. Wow! I've been wanting to try these since I saw them on Picky Patate, yours look delicious!!

    Thanks for the tips! :D

  2. I will have to surprise my kids with these sometime. I know they would love them, they look over the top delicious! Love that first picture :o)

  3. A whole cookie in a cookie?? Sounds really good!! Super surprising too!

  4. I just made these yesterday and posted the results on my blog. I also have been seeing this recipe pop up everywhere. It's funny how that happens. You can always tell what's hot in the baking community at the moment by just visiting several blogs or browsing Tastespottng. I tell ya one thing,even though my cookies were delicious, yours sure look a lot better than mine! Mine are big HUGE disks! But sooo good!

  5. hmmm..yummy there is a gem hidden within each and every cookies...

  6. I need to make these! I bookmarked them when I saw them on Picky Palate...I have to make them now! Yummy! :)

  7. Nothing bad sounding about this duo! Chocolate chip cookies and Oreos?! I'm in :)!

  8. Oh my... those look delicious!! Why haven't I thought of this before? Great recipe and pictures, I want to sink my teeth in one right now. :-D

  9. Yes I've seen a lot of this recipe all over the food blogs I've been visiting. But this is one of my favorites. The other one I read is in your blog, Oreo Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies. Another best recipe!


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